Teaching Staff




Education Faculty
Sl. No.
Desig- nation
Date of Birth
Quali- fication



Dr. Neelambuj Katyayan Head of the Department 31.12.1972 M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. Click Here
2. Mr. Nagendra Ram Lecturer 01.03.1991 M.A., M.Ed   Click Here
3. Mr. Sant Bahadur Singh Lecturer 01.12.1956 M.Sc., M.Ed.   Click Here
4. Dr. Jainendra Kr. Shukla Prabhat Lecturer 01.01.1963 M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.   -


Arts Faculty
Sl. No.
1. Dr. Sushil Kr. Pandey Principal
2. Dr. Jitendra Yadav Lecturer (Ancient History)
3. Dr. Ashok Kumar Lecturer (Ancient History)
4. Shri Ramjanam Prasad Lecturer (Political Science)
5. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Lecturer (Geography)
6. Dr. Sarvesh Singh Lecturer (Geography)
7. Dr. Priyamvada Singh Lecturer (Geography)
8. Dr. Satish Singh Lecturer (Sociology)
9. Dr. Anita Singh Lecturer (Home Science)
10. Dr. Rita Yadav Lecturer (Sanskrit)
11. Shri Ravishankar Yadav Computer Application
12. Shri Pankaj Kumar Lecturer (Hindi)
13. Shri Acchut Kumar Lecturer (Economics)
14. Shri Ramshesh Ram Lecturer (Geography)
15. Shri Ram Daras Singh Yadav Lecturer (Sociology)


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